"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light."
​-Theodore Roethke

At Holland’s you will find a wide selection of perennials & evergreens that will infuse your yard with color for years to come.  We carry hundreds of different perennials, with many native selections to choose from.   Listings are general, our inventory changes daily so please call for availability and pricing.
Ajuga: Burgundy Glow, Black Scallop
Alchemilla (Lady's Mantle): Thriller
Aralia: Sun King
Asclepias Butterfly Flower-orange, Hello Yellow, Ice Ballet, Pink (A.incarnata native)
Astilbe: Sprite, Fanal, Snowdrift
Aster: Woods Blue, Woods Pink
Baptisia:  False Indigo, Twilite Prairieblues
Bergenia: Heartleaf
Brunnera Jack Frost
Campanula: Wine and Rubies
Coreopsis: Moonbeam

Chrysanthemum MN Mammoth:
Coral Daisy, Dark Bronze, Lavender Daisy, Red Daisy, Yellow Quill
Chelone: Tiny Tortuga
Delphinium Magic Fountain Dark Blue with dark bee, Sky Blue
Dianthus: Ruby Sparkles
Dicentra: Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart Pink, Old Fashioned White
Digitalis Excelsior Mix
Coneflower: Marmalade, Secret Affair, Cheyenne Spirit, Pow Wow Wildberry
Eupatorium: Baby Joe, Gateway
Fern Japanese Painted, Ostrich Fern, Autumn Fern
Gaillardia: Arizona Sun, Goblin
Geranium: Visions Violet, New Hampshire Purple
Gypsophila (Baby's Breath)

Hemerocallis (Daylily): Red Razzmatazz, Bela Lugosi, Going Bananas, Buttered Popcorn, Funny Valentine, Summer Sun, Pardon Me
Heuchera (Coralbells): Carmel, Citronelle, Dolce Blackberry Ice, Dolce Cinnamon Curls, Obsidian
Hibiscus: Cristi

Hosta: Night Before Christmas, Paul's Glory, Twilight, Whirlwind, Band of Gold, Ben Vernooij, Guardian Angel, Rainforest Sunrise, Forbidden Fruit, Blue Hawaii, Blue Mouse Ears, Dream Queen, Guacamole, Minuteman, Patriot, Abique Drinking Gourd, Cherry Berry, Earth Angel, First Frost, Lakeside Cupcake

Caesar's Brother Siberian Iris
Flag Iris yellow
German Iris: Immortality-white, Shipshape-blue

Daisy: Banana Cream, Whoops a daisy
Lily: Mount Duckling-yellow, Mount Dragon-orange, Petit Brigit-pink, New Wave-white, Tiger Lily orange
Liatris: Kobold, Floristan White
Ligularia: Britt Marie Crawford, Bottle Rocket, Othello
Lobelia: Cardinal Flower, Great Blue
Lysimachia: Golden Alexander
Monarda: Raspberry Wine, Fire Marshal, Marshall's Delight

Nepeta: Walker's Low, Cool Cat
Origanum: Herrenhausen
Peony: Fernleaf (Memorial Day), Charles White, Felix Supreme-double red, Kansas-double red, Sarah Bernhardt-double pink, Scarlet O'Hara- single red, Sea Shell- single pink

Pervoskia (Russian Sage) Little Spire, Rocketman
Phlox: Bubblegum Pink, Coral Crème Drop, Grape Lollipop, Cotton Candy pink
Creeping phlox: Emerald Blue, Emerald Pink

Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash
Rudbeckia: Goldsturm, Little Goldstar
Salvia: Compact Deep Blue
Sempervivum (Hen and Chicks):
Chocolate Kiss, Key Lime Kiss, Mint Marvel, Bing Cherry, Berry Blues, Watermelon Ripple, Appletini, Cinnamon Starburst, Cranberry Cocktail
Sedum: Autumn Joy, Autumn Fire, John Creech, Purple Emperor
Scabiosa: Blue Butterfly
Veronica: Giles van Hees, Royal Rembrandt

Ornamental Grass: Big Bluestem, Karl Foerster Calamagrostis, Avalanche Calamagrostis, Northern Sea Oats, Tufted Hair, Fescue Elijah Blue, Graziella Silver Miscanthus, Flame Miscanthus, Skyracer Moor, Northwinds Panicum, Shenandoah Panicum, Little Bluestem, Prairie Dropseed

Juniper: Copper Delight, Medora
Spruce: Black Hills,Globe Blue
Taunton Spreading Yew
Arborvitae: Pyramidal, Hetz Midget, Holmstrup, Technito
Russian Cypress
Tamarack Larch